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Monday, November 17, 2008

survey [01]

50 questions to boggle the
mind in your past & you do miss them.

1. First off, what's your name?
♫ karen mae bautista.

2. Okay, but what does your friend/s
call you?
♫ karen.

3. Have you ever kissed someone with
♫ no.

4 . Who is the fourth received call on
your call log?
♫ from geodie.

5.If you could change your eye color
what would it be?
♫ green.

6. What is the wallpaper on
your desktop?
♫ autumn.

7 . How many pillows on your bed?
♫ 5.

8. Who was the last text message you
sent to?
♫ GM

9.What color is your shirt right now?
♫ yellow! :D

10. What was the best thing that
happened to you last year?
♫ err. best? hmn. i can't specify.

12. Who's the fourth person on your
contacts list?
♫ ante tata.

13. When was the last time you cried
from laughing so hard?
♫ last day? hehe

14. What school did you attend in
♫ san nicolas elementary school

15. do you have a crush?
♫ now?.err. no.

16. Who was/were the last person/s
that made you laugh?
♫ geodie :D.

17. Do you like Quizons?
♫ wth?

18. Who do you make fun of the most at
♫ anyone. hahaha

19. What's the longest time you've
ever talked on the phone?
♫ 4 hours. Ü

20. Do you think you've gotten more
handsome/pretty since grade school?
♫ yea. haha. Ü

21. Have you seen your bestfriend cry?
♫ i don't have a bestfriend. eerr

23. Do you dance in the car?
♫ err. no. hahaha

24. What do you think of hunting and
♫ exciting :)

25. Do you and your bestfriend act
♫ wla lge kui bestfriend :D

26 . What is a noise that you cannot
♫ wala man :D

27. Does your mom vacuum early in the
morning,when you're sleeping?
♫ no.

28. Are your parents in love?
♫ i don't know. i'll ask them sah ha? haahah

29. What does your 9th txt say?
♫ a quote.

30. Who sent it?
♫ cha2x

31. Would you rather sleep at a
friend's house or have them over?
♫ sleep at their house.

32. When was the last time
you wrote a note, and to who?
♫ i forgot.

33. are you in love?
♫ yes?haha

34. who do you miss most?
♫ HS classmates.

35.What do you smell like right now?
♫ none.

36. Do you have a hard time admitting
you're wrong?
♫ yea :D

37. Who was the last person you
held hands with?
♫ geodie? hehe

38. What shoes did you wear today?
♫ school shoes :D

39. What makes you lose your
♫ bad mood.

40. What color is your laundry basket?
♫ pink and white.

41. Last person you kissed?
♫ hahahaaha pass.

42. Do you think those stores are too
♫ what stores?

46.Who's in your house right now?
♫ bro. me. mama.

45 where are you?
♫ home.

47.Where did you get your last bruise
♫ i forgot. :D

48. Where did you last go out to eat?
♫ forgot

49. List three things that keeps you
going in life.
♫ God. family. friends.

50. Who do you miss right now?
♫ HS friends. geodie.geodie.geodie XD

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