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Monday, November 17, 2008


what am I, after all? who am I? a mere creature, yes, a creature made of clay and molded skillfully by the powerful hands of HIM whom we call father. He made me just like that, and for what purpose? to suffer from temptations here below? Am I really important? what am I in this world for? to eat, play, drink, love and study.. why do I have to study?to gain knowledge and be superior to all other beings on earth? 0r do I study merely because of pride--so that I may not be counted among the ignorant? why do we have to suffer the pains of the damned?? naah. too much for this. weeee :D

myself? Banish all thoughts from my mind completely? I probably can't do that, for you see my mind is a treasure box. A genius? of course I'm not!, for my thoughts are both sensible and crazy, the latter more often(or should i say oftentimes) outnumbering the former. My mind is always on the go signal, like the traffic light drivers patiently wait for along busy downtown streets. I am just an ordinary student without any special talent. I'm a fickle minded. Geodie hates me for that. HAHA! I simply love observing people or anything that strikes my fancy. No, I'm not a busybody. I can't elaborate more. Anyway who cares??.

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azil said...


nindot pud imong bolg hup...
post lage pud among pix..
mao rah comment nako oi..
wala koy maicip..