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Monday, November 17, 2008

survey [03]

What would you do if...?

You had to go so bad at the mall, that you didn't pay absolutely no attention to which bathrooms were which and you accidentally ran into the guys restroom when a hot guy in there saw you?
[x] uhm, koan I'll say, "Excuse me, naa dnhi akong papa?" HAHA

You found out that your bf was really your cousin?
[x] murag deleh ko makadawat *faint* lol

You found out that your Mom isn't really (current proffession), but really a garbage woman?
[x] wala ra. deleh nako siya ikauwaw. bsan kami pa duha mag basurera wai blema :D

You were the only person left on earth?
[x] koan murag i like this us-uh. akoa ra tanan foods >:)

The world was about to end and you only had a day to do whatever you can for the last and final day of your precious life?
[x] hala koan. paak ku dragun bwahahaha

Taking baths and showers were against the law and you had to either take mud baths or go around smellin?
[x] murag choy man sad ang mud bath dba

Britney Spears was touring your town and you got pulled up stage with her?
[x] ehem, my time to shine hahahhaa

Internet Services were shut down forever?
[x] hala, murag d ni mada ui. hahaha

If you found out that your dad is having an affair with your maid/household helper?
[x] palayasun jud nako silang duha. traydorism

If you accidentaly caught your parents making love?
[x] d nako palabot ui! hahaha sakto na nga 3, please lang ayaw na intawn hahaha

If you found out that your friend took advantage of you when your drunk and wasted last party night.
[x] depende sa FRIEND ug sa ADVANTAGE haha

If you found out that your bestfriend have secret crush on you?
[x] nya ganahan sad ko neya? hahahaha BFF :P

You caught your bf/bf is havin' an affair with a rich DOM/ Sugar Mommy?
[x] aw ilaha sad na.

Your gf/bf asked you to have threesome with your other friend that she/he like?
[x] ew/ unsa mana ui. haha

Having sex would be a great excercise to loose weight?
[x] thanks but no thanks. im not fat anyway hahahahahahaha

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